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Best Taekwondo Doboks 2024: Top Uniforms For Training & Competition

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Exploring the Best in Taekwondo Apparel - A Comprehensive Guide to Premium Doboks

Premium Taekwondo Doboks: Built to Last

In martial arts, the right gear is crucial, and when it comes to Taekwondo, the dobok is not just a uniform but a symbol of the martial artist’s journey. Our premium doboks are crafted with superior fabric quality and stitching to withstand the rigours of daily practice and competition. These uniforms not only maintain their shape and comfort after multiple washes but also embody the perfect fusion of tradition and resilience.

Highlighted Premium Doboks in Our Collection:

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Adidas Eco Fighter 3 Taekwondo Black V-Neck Sparring Uniform w/ 3 Stripes - 100% Polyester

Experience the cutting-edge in Taekwondo apparel with the adidas Eco Fighter 3 Sparring Uniform. Specifically designed for black belt holders, this sleek uniform features a distinctive black V-neck that signifies advanced expertise in the martial arts discipline.

Product Highlights:

  • Fabric: Crafted from 100% ultra-lightweight polyester fabric, the Eco Fighter 3 is not just about aesthetics. It integrates adidas’ advanced AEROREADY technology, which is engineered to absorb and dry perspiration swiftly, keeping you cool and dry even during the most intense training sessions.
  • Design: The uniform’s ultra-lightweight construction enhances comfort and mobility, making it a perfect choice for sparring specialists who value fluidity and freedom of movement. The classic adidas design is accented with the iconic 3 stripes on both the shoulders and the waist-to-mid-thigh areas on the pants, adding a stylish yet functional touch to the uniform.
  • Functionality: The set includes a V-neck top and pants, offering a complete solution for your training needs (note: belt sold separately). This design ensures that the uniform remains securely fitted, allowing for optimal performance without adjustments during training.
  • Size Availability: The Eco Fighter 3 is available in a wide range of sizes from 120 to 220 (000-8), catering to a broad spectrum of martial artists.

Whether you’re training for competition or honing your skills in the dojang, the adidas Eco Fighter 3 Taekwondo Uniform provides the performance, style, and comfort that you need to excel.

MOOTO Korea Taekwondo BS4.5 Basic Uniform WT Logo White BK V-Neck

The MOOTO Korea Taekwondo BS4.5 Basic Uniform is a premium choice for martial artists who value quality and performance. Made in Korea, the birthplace of Taekwondo, this uniform is a staple in the world of Poomsae and demonstration teams and is currently the official uniform for the WT Demonstration Team.

Key Features:

  • Design and Comfort: This uniform has been thoughtfully redesigned based on global feedback, featuring an adjusted sleeve length (+2cm longer than the BS5 model) and enhanced details such as an elongated neck and optimized side trims for easier wearability.
  • Material Quality: Composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, the fabric blend ensures durability while maintaining comfort during extensive training sessions. The white uniform with a contrasting black V-neck offers a classic yet bold aesthetic suitable for various martial arts disciplines including Taekwondo, Karate, and MMA.
  • Performance Technology: Incorporating DMC Pattern technology, the BS4.5 Uniform facilitates a full range of motion for dynamic martial arts performances such as kicks and blocks. The design was developed in collaboration with Yonsei University, focusing on the interaction between fabric and sound to produce a crisp, resonant sound with each movement, enhancing the impact of demonstrations.
  • Suit Details: The set includes a top (V-neck type) and pants. Note, that the belt is not included, allowing martial artists to use their personalized or rank-specific belts.

Overall Experience:

With a perfect 5-star rating from users, the MOOTO Korea Taekwondo BS4.5 Basic Uniform is highly recommended for its superior construction and functional enhancements. Whether for daily practice or high-level demonstrations, this uniform stands out in the dojang and helps practitioners of all levels achieve their best performance.

Ideal for those in the martial arts community looking for a uniform that combines tradition with modern enhancements, the MOOTO BS4.5 is a testament to the craftsmanship and heritage of Korean martial arts apparel.

Mooto Korea Taekwondo WT Logo Tabek High Dan Poomsae Uniform

Overview: The Mooto Korea Taekwondo WT Logo Tabek High Dan Poomsae Uniform is a top-tier choice for martial arts practitioners who are serious about their Poomsae performance. This uniform has received an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 13 reviews, highlighting its quality and performance.

Design and Material: Developed in collaboration with Yonsei University, this dobok has been meticulously crafted to enhance the audible feedback from the uniform during performance, thanks to the strategic analysis of fabric-sound relationships. The result is a dobok that not only looks professional but also contributes to the sensory experience of Taekwondo Poomsae.

The uniform comes in a visually striking colour scheme with a yellow top and black pants, made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, ensuring durability and comfort. The fabric composition allows for a strong yet breathable dobok that maintains its shape and colour even after multiple washes.


  • WT Approved: This dobok is World Taekwondo (WT) approved for Poomsae, making it suitable for both training and official competitions.
  • Optimized for Performance: The design is specifically optimized for Poomsae athletes, focusing on the smooth and flawless execution of movements.
  • High-Quality Fabric: The polyester-cotton blend is ideal for martial artists who need a uniform that can withstand rigorous sessions while providing comfort and flexibility.
  • Distinctive Aesthetic: The differentiated colour doboks cater specifically to Poomsae masters, allowing them to stand out during performances and competitions.

Care and Maintenance: The uniform should be hand washed only, which helps preserve the integrity of the fabric and the vividness of the colours over time. Being imported, it adheres to high-quality standards, ensuring that practitioners get the best out of their gear.

Conclusion: The Mooto Korea Taekwondo WT Logo Tabek High Dan Poomsae Uniform is an excellent investment for serious martial artists focused on Poomsae. Its specialized fabric enhances performance sounds, its WT approval guarantees compliance in competitions, and its unique colour scheme ensures that practitioners not only perform well but also look distinctive while doing so. Whether for training or master-level demonstrations, this dobok stands out as a premier choice in martial arts apparel.

Adidas Adi Poomsae WT-Approved Taekwondo Uniform for Adults

The adidas Adi Poomsae WT Approved Taekwondo Uniform is a top choice for adult practitioners looking to excel in the art of Poomsae. This uniform meets all the standards set by the World Taekwondo Federation, making it an ideal option for competitors and serious practitioners alike.

Design and Comfort: The uniform features a distinctive jacket with a black V-neck and an opening on the front side, strictly adhering to official Poomsae WT regulations. The pants are equally well-thought-out, equipped with an elasticated waist and an additional drawstring to ensure a secure and adjustable fit. This design not only looks professional but also provides the comfort and flexibility needed during intense training sessions.

Material Quality: Crafted from a blend of polyester and cotton, the fabric is structured yet resistant, providing durability without compromising on the feel. This material choice is excellent for maintaining the shape and integrity of the uniform through rigorous Poomsae routines.

Additional Features: Attention to detail is evident with the nice adidas embroidered logo prominently displayed on both the jacket and pants. Moreover, the uniform includes a woven WT embroidered patch on the jacket, which is a nod to its approval and alignment with global Poomsae standards.

Performance: Designed specifically for Poomsae practitioners, the uniform aims to optimize performance. The quality of the fabric and the fit are engineered to accommodate the dynamic movements of Taekwondo, allowing athletes to perform at their best.

Care Instructions: To maintain the uniform’s high quality, hand washing is recommended. This care method helps preserve the fabric’s texture and the details of the embroidery.

Overall, the adidas Adi Poomsae WT Approved Taekwondo Uniform is a superior choice for anyone serious about Poomsae. Its compliance with WT regulations, combined with its high-quality materials and thoughtful features, make it a worthwhile investment for enhancing your practice and competition attire. Whether for daily training or high-level competition, this uniform stands out as a benchmark for quality and performance in the world of Taekwondo.

MOOTO Korea Taekwondo 3F Woman Uniform Black V-Neck

The MOOTO Korea Taekwondo 3F Woman Uniform is an exceptional choice for female martial artists participating in Taekwondo, MMA, Karate, or Hapkido. Its stylish white colour complemented by a sleek black V-neck distinguishes it from other traditional uniforms and adds a touch of elegance to your martial arts gear.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Design: The new style dobok is not only fashion-forward but also ergonomic, offering a feeling akin to a custom-made uniform tailored to enhance shape and activity during performance.

  • High-Performance Fabric: Crafted with a blend of spandex polyester and cotton, the uniform excels in elasticity and moisture absorption, ensuring quick drying and a comfortable feel throughout intense training sessions and competitions.

  • Ergonomic Comfort: With its 3D ergonomic patterns and delicate embroidery, the uniform ensures mobility and maintains its classy appearance, making it a beloved choice among women practitioners worldwide.

  • Functional and Practical: The design prioritizes both style and functionality, making it perfect for various martial arts disciplines. The uniform set includes top and pants, providing a complete package ready for upper and lower body movements. Note that the belt is not included.

In Summary: The MOOTO Korea Taekwondo 3F Woman Uniform with Black V-Neck stands out for its innovative design tailored to the female martial artist. It offers a blend of style, comfort, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to excel and look great while doing so. Whether training or competing, this dobok set ensures optimal performance and durability, sustaining its quality and comfort through rigorous use. This is a martial arts uniform that truly supports and enhances your journey in the discipline.

Adidas Champion II Taekwondo Dobok Uniform with Black V Neck

The Adidas Champion II Taekwondo Dobok is a standout in both design and functionality, ideal for martial artists who demand quality and style. Available in a vibrant selection of colours including Blue, All White, Black with Yellow V-neck, White with Black V-neck, Red, and pure Black, this uniform allows practitioners to choose the one that best represents their style or aligns with their team colours.

Product Specifications:

  • Fabric Type: Polycotton
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only
  • Available Colors: Blue, All White, Black with Yellow V-Neck, White with Black V-Neck, Red, Black

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: The Adidas Champion II is crafted to provide ultimate comfort without sacrificing durability. Its polycotton fabric offers a perfect blend of lightness and robustness, making it suitable for both training sessions and competitive events.

  • Stylish and Practical: This dobok features a simple yet elegant design with a black V-neck that adds a touch of sophistication to the traditional Taekwondo uniform. The variety of colours available enables martial artists to personalize their looks.

  • Flexibility and Durability: Designed to withstand the rigours of repetitive training and rigorous competitions, this dobok maintains its shape and comfort over time. The flexibility of the fabric allows for unrestricted movement, ensuring that practitioners can perform a wide range of motions without any discomfort.

  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you are just beginning your Taekwondo journey or are a seasoned expert, the Adidas Champion II provides the performance and comfort needed at any level. The quality of the material and the attention to detail in its construction make it a reliable choice for every practitioner.


The Adidas Champion II Taekwondo Dobok with Black V Neck is an excellent choice for martial artists who value a blend of style, comfort, and durability in their uniform. Its lightweight yet durable design, coupled with a stylish appearance and a selection of colours, makes it a top pick for both beginners and expert practitioners looking to excel in their training and competitions. Whether you are practising in the gym or competing on the mat, this dobok promises to enhance your Taekwondo experience.

Additional Gear for Martial Arts Enthusiasts:

Karate Gi for Kids & Adults

Optimal Design for Martial Arts Training

The JUST YEARN Karate Gi is a meticulously designed uniform set ideal for both kids and adults engaged in martial arts training. Crafted from a balanced blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, this uniform combines durability with comfort, making it perfect for rigorous training sessions and competitions alike.

Comprehensive Set with Exceptional Features

Each set comes complete with a crisp white jacket, pants, and a complimentary belt, providing great value while maintaining high quality at an affordable cost. The fabric’s lightweight nature enhances breathability and comfort, keeping you cool as you practice. Additionally, the elastic waistband with a drawstring ensures a secure fit that accommodates a wide range of movements.

Designed for Flexibility and Durability

Tailored to the unique needs of Karate practitioners, the JUST YEARN uniform allows for maximum kick motions and full flexibility, which is essential for executing low stances and high kicks. The construction includes strong stitching at pressure points and extra space in the shoulders to support speedy and unrestricted movements.

Roomy Fit for All Movements

The pants are designed to be exceptionally roomy in the legs and crotch areas, which is crucial for activities such as kicking and squatting. This design consideration ensures that practitioners can move freely without restriction, enhancing both performance and comfort during practice or competition.

Versatile Sizing for All Ages

With sizes ranging from 0000 to 6, these uniforms are suitable for everyone — children, teenagers, and adults, regardless of gender. Whether used for class training by school students or for daily practice and competitive events by Karate enthusiasts and professionals, the JUST YEARN Karate Gi is an excellent choice for all.

Start Your Karate Journey with Confidence

Choose the JUST-YEARN Karate Gi for its superior construction, flexibility, and comfort. Begin your Karate training with a uniform that supports your journey from the first stance to expert kicks and strikes. Embrace the path of martial arts with the right gear designed to enhance your performance and durability in the dojo.

ProForce Traditional and Ultra Lightweight Karate Uniforms

The ProForce 6oz. Traditional Karate Uniform is a standout choice for both new and seasoned martial artists looking for quality and comfort in their karate gear. This uniform is crafted from a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, making it not only lightweight but also durable and easy to care for.

Available in a pristine white color, which is synonymous with traditional martial arts, it ensures that practitioners look as sharp as their moves. The uniform comes in various sizes, with size 000 being perfect for young beginners or petite practitioners, fitting individuals who are approximately 3 feet 6 inches tall and weigh around 35 pounds.

What sets this uniform apart is its thoughtful composition; the cotton-polyester fabric provides a good balance between softness and structural integrity. It’s light enough at 6 ounces to ensure freedom of movement, which is essential during rigorous training sessions and competitions. The inclusion of a white belt helps beginners feel fully equipped from their very first class.

Overall, the ProForce 6oz. Traditional Karate Uniform is highly rated by users, holding an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 2,700 reviews. This uniform is a reliable option for anyone looking to start or continue their martial arts journey with proper attire that supports optimal performance.

MOOTO Korea Taekwondo Poomsae and Extera S6 Uniforms


Stepping onto the mat requires not just skill and discipline but also a uniform that can keep up with the intense demands of competition. The MOOTO Korea Taekwondo Extera S6 Uniform is a top choice for practitioners who value both comfort and performance. Designed with the competitive Kyorugi player in mind, this dobok features cutting-edge materials and construction techniques straight from Korea.

Design and Fabrication

This uniform sports a distinctive White With Black V-neck that not only looks professional but also signifies its approval by the World Taekwondo Federation (WT). The innovative EX6 fabric pattern is engineered to create a three-dimensional form that minimizes skin contact, reducing both irritation and static issues during fights. This design allows for superior mobility and comfort, essential during high-stakes competitions.

Functional Features

The Extera S6 is celebrated for its ultra-lightweight and stretchy fabric that excels in moisture absorption and quick drying. The cool mesh fabric sections integrated into the design work diligently to wick sweat away, keeping the athlete dry and comfortable throughout the match.

Pants Design

MOOTO has meticulously designed these pants to enhance performance. By minimizing the cutting sections and optimizing the pattern, the uniform allows for swift and varied kicking movements without hindrance. An added band loop resolves the common discomfort caused by perspiration and scratchiness along the waist, ensuring the focus remains on the technique and not the gear.

Care Instructions

To maintain the integrity of this high-quality garment, hand washing is recommended. This careful approach helps preserve the fabric’s functional properties and appearance over time.


With its sophisticated fabric technology and ergonomic design, the MOOTO Korea Taekwondo Extera S6 Uniform sets the standard for competition-level taekwondo doboks. Whether training or competing, this dobok will support your martial arts journey by ensuring maximum comfort and functionality. Embrace the blend of tradition and innovation with MOOTO’s expertly crafted uniform.

Adidas ADI-START II Taekwondo Dobok

Elevate your martial arts training with the adidas ADI-START II Taekwondo Dobok. This uniform, specifically designed for black belts, embodies a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it a must-have for dedicated practitioners.

Key Features:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from a newly developed embossed material, the ADI-START II not only stands out in appearance but offers an improved structure for better comfort and a lighter feel, allowing for optimal performance during training and competitions.
  • Design and Comfort: With its enhanced design, this dobok provides superior comfort without sacrificing the durability adidas is known for. The fabric’s light weight ensures that practitioners can move freely, focusing on their form and technique.
  • WTF Approval: The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has approved this uniform, confirming its suitability for competition use at the highest levels, and ensuring that it meets the strict standards required for taekwondo practitioners.
  • Exclusivity for Black Belts: This dobok is reserved for black belt holders, symbolizing a level of achievement in the taekwondo community. It includes a jacket and pants, but practitioners will need to supply their belts, reflecting their journey in the martial arts.
  • Size Range: Available in a comprehensive range of sizes from 120 to 220 (000-8), the ADI-START II accommodates children and adults alike, making it a versatile option for anyone serious about their taekwondo training.

Care Instructions:

  • To maintain the integrity and appearance of the dobok, hand washing is recommended. This care method helps preserve the fabric’s quality and embossed detailing longer than machine washing.

Whether you’re practising daily or competing at the highest levels, the adidas ADI-START II Taekwondo Dobok offers the performance, comfort, and style that today’s taekwondo practitioners demand. Its specialized features and WTF approval make it an excellent choice for any black belt looking to excel in the sport.

MOOTO MTX S2 Basic Uniforms

The MOOTO Korea Taekwondo MTX S2 Basic Uniform with a Poom Neck is a top choice for both novice and seasoned Taekwondo practitioners. Tailored to meet the needs of general Taekwondo enthusiasts who engage in basic training and competition, this dobok combines both style and functionality at a competitive price point.

Design and Quality: Crafted from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, the MTX S2 Basic Uniform is designed to provide comfort and durability throughout rigorous training sessions. The fabric’s upgraded pattern not only enhances its visual appeal but also improves its acoustic effect, adding a satisfying snap to each movement that is ideal for both practice and performance.

Official Standards: Adhering to the World Taekwondo (WT) uniform guidelines, this dobok features the official WT logo, ensuring it meets the standards required for competition. This alignment with WT specifications makes the MTX S2 Basic Uniform a reliable choice for both training and official events.

Style and Function: This uniform showcases an excellent style with an upgraded size pattern that accommodates various body types, enhancing comfort and fit. The sleek White BK V-Neck adds a classic yet bold aesthetic to the overall design. Please note that the belt is not included, which allows practitioners to use a belt that represents their current rank.

Contents and Color: The uniform set includes a top and pants, providing a complete package to get you started on your Taekwondo journey. The pristine white color with a contrasting black V-neck ensures that it stands out in a crowd, reflecting a sharp and prepared martial artist.

Summary: Overall, the MOOTO Korea Taekwondo MTX S2 Basic Uniform is a solid choice for those seeking a high-quality Taekwondo uniform that balances tradition with modern enhancements. Whether you are training for self-improvement or gearing up for competition, this dobok offers both the style and functionality needed to excel in the art of Taekwondo.

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Whether you are stepping onto the mat for the first time or preparing for a competition, the right dobok not only enhances your performance but also connects you to the rich tradition and discipline of Taekwondo. Equip yourself with the best, and let your martial arts journey begin with confidence and style!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Taekwondo Uniforms

What is the best Taekwondo uniform for 2024?

Answer: The best Taekwondo uniform for 2024 is the Adidas Eco Fighter 3 Taekwondo Uniform. It combines eco-friendly materials with a classic design, featuring a sleek Black V-neck and the iconic three stripes, making it perfect for both training and competitions.

What features should I look for in a high-quality Taekwondo dobok?

Answer: A high-quality Taekwondo dobok should have the following features:

  • Durable Material: A mix of polyester for durability and cotton for comfort.
  • Proper Fit: It should fit well but allow for full range of motion.
  • WT Approved: Compliance with World Taekwondo (WT) standards for official competitions.
  • Comfort: Lightweight and breathable fabric to keep you cool.
  • Style: Aesthetic elements like a sleek design and neat stitching.

Are there specific Taekwondo uniforms recommended for beginners?

Answer: Yes, the MOOTO MTX S2 Basic Uniform is highly recommended for beginners. It is affordable yet maintains a high quality with features like an upgraded fabric pattern and the official WT logo, designed for basic training and local competitions.

What distinguishes competition-grade Taekwondo uniforms from training uniforms?

Answer: Competition-grade Taekwondo uniforms are generally made from higher quality materials and feature enhanced aesthetics such as embroidered logos and a stiffer, snap-producing fabric to impress judges and maintain a pristine appearance. Training uniforms, on the other hand, focus more on comfort and durability for daily use.

Can I use the same Taekwondo uniform for both sparring and Poomsae?

Answer: While a single uniform can be used for both activities, specialized uniforms are available that optimize performance for each. Sparring uniforms tend to be lighter and more flexible to accommodate fast movements, whereas Poomsae uniforms might be heavier with a stiffer fabric to enhance the visual impact of the practitioner’s movements.

How do I care for my Taekwondo uniform to extend its lifespan?

Answer: To extend the lifespan of your Taekwondo uniform:

  • Wash Separately: Always wash the uniform separately to avoid color transfer.
  • Cold Water: Use cold water to prevent shrinking and fading.
  • Mild Detergent: Use a mild detergent and avoid bleach to preserve fabric integrity.
  • Air Dry: Hang the uniform to dry instead of using a dryer to prevent shrinking and fabric wear.

Where can I purchase the best Taekwondo uniforms?

Answer: The best Taekwondo uniforms can be purchased from specialized martial arts apparel websites, such as Taekwondo4Fitness, which offers a curated selection of top-tier brands like Adidas and MOOTO, ensuring quality and compliance with WT standards.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.