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Ongoing personal and professional development has been a cornerstone of my career as an Instructor at Taekwondo4Fitness and within the broader fitness industry. Starting my Taekwondo journey in 1992, I became a dedicated student at Ickenham Taekwondo in 2016 (since September 2022, Jong Jeong Taekwondo), stepping up as an Assistant Coach under Master Tony Butcher in 2018. This role deepened my dedication to martial arts, obtaining a Taekwondo Instructor license with British Taekwondo and the founding of Taekwondo4Fitness in 2019. While nurturing this community, I also attended regular classes at Ickenham and PremierKi Taekwondo, enriching my experience until I departed from the UK in December 2021 due to Brexit, shortly after my last Dan grading at PremierKi.

I am a former British Taekwondo Instructor and National Poomsae Referee who gained full Disclosure Checks clearance, which is crucial for working with children and vulnerable adults in the UK. I hold a 4th-degree blackbelt with the Independent Taekwondo Organisation and a 3rd Dan with Kukkiwon. After I moved back to Slovakia at the end of 2021, I am in the process of obtaining an additional trainer license with the Slovak Taekwondo Association WT, a member of the World Taekwondo and the European Taekwondo Union since 1994.

My Taekwondo Examination License B with the ITO enables me to conduct examinations and assessments, evaluating the skills and knowledge of Taekwondo students. I’m committed to fostering the growth and development of martial artists and helping them achieve their full potential.

For this reason, in 2018, I signed up for a Personal Trainer Qualification towards Level 4 with Future Fit Training.

In 2019, I obtained a Level 2 Leading Health-Related Activity accredited certification awarded by Active IQ, delivered by Fit for Sport, which provided me with the skills, knowledge, and competency to provide high-quality, inclusive activity sessions for children.

Qualifications and Continued Professional Development points endorsed courses (short: CPD) I completed can be found at Qualifications and CPD on my website, LinkedIn, and my Future Fit Training Membership Profile.

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What is the CIMSPA

The CIMSPA (The Management Of Sport And Physical Activity) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that promotes excellence in sports performance management through its membership, certification, and research programmes.

The CIMSPA is an accredited body that sets standards in sports management, including professional qualifications, technology use, and general administration practices within sports organisations.

The CIMSPA was founded as the Association of Professional Sports Organisations in 1965. It rebranded as the CIMSPA in 2013 to reflect its broader scope.

Since then, it has expanded its membership to include sports professionals and people working in related industries like fitness or health services, academics from sporting disciplines, and administrators from non-sporting sectors.

These members all come together under one common goal – to promote, preserve, and develop the highest quality and most sustainable practice in sports leadership, governance, and management.

By giving out certifications, the CIMSPA ensures that only qualified individuals can demonstrate their expertise in these areas, fostering trust among potential candidates’ peers, employers, and the public.

CIMSPA was founded in 1921 as the Association of Senior College Teachers (ASCT) to promote educational standards in physical education. Since then, it has expanded to offer qualifications in sport leadership, coaching and training, exercise physiology, and health promotion.

These are known as ‘professional’ versions of the ASCT qualification, which still go by the same name. They require a higher level degree or professional qualification but with no requirement for teaching experience.

In addition to these primary programme levels, there are two lower-level awards: ACAMS (Association for Coaching & Mental Skills) and CAPS (Certification in Applied Performance Sciences).

Sport and the CIMSPA

As mentioned before, CIMSPA is an educational charity that offers certification after completing their studies. These certifications are in areas such as professional development, health management, fitness assessment, or exercise science, to name a few.

These courses can be worked towards through either student membership or affiliate member status. Affiliate members do not have students, but they can still earn certification by learning and applying what they’ve learned.

Both student and affiliate members are awarded a certificate appropriate for their coursework, which they may use to improve their careers or advance in theirs.

CIMSPA also runs open days where anyone can attend a seminar or two to see if it fits their personal goals. This allows you to find out whether this organization is worth joining!

Sport has a powerful influence on our lives and how we feel about ourselves, so getting trained in its fundamentals and keeping up to date with changes is essential to enjoy and maintain the activity long term.


The CIMSPA has two main products to promote health and wellness via sports and active lifestyles. These are its code of ethics, qualification courses, and exams. Its ethical codes emphasize respect, honesty, integrity, and compassion as critical values for those in the sports sector. Qualification courses are designed to develop fundamental skills needed to work with children, adults, or groups engaged in organized sports activities.
These include developing goal-setting, leadership qualities, communication strategies and techniques, time management, etc. Several different qualifications are available from CIMSPA, including the Certified Health & Fitness Coach (CHFC), which can be obtained after completing an introductory course and passing an exam.

Licenses and Certifications | Qualifications and CPD

Taekwondo Examination License BIndependent Taekwondo OrganisationDec 2022Dec 2026
Kukkiwon Certificate for 3rd-degree black belt in TaekwondoKukkiwonApril 2024 (expected)Lifetime
4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo SKIndependent Taekwondo Organisation14th May 2022Lifetime
Exercise Welfare and HealthFuture Fit Training LtdMay 2022Lifetime
Kukkiwon Certificate for 2nd-degree black belt in TaekwondoKukkiwon14th April 2022Lifetime
Safeguarding and Protecting Children – Positive Parents (version 18)UK CoachingFeb 2022Lifetime
Sudden Cardiac ArrestUK CoachingFeb 2022Lifetime
First Aid for Martial Arts Instructors Level 3 (VTQ)ProTrainingsFeb 2022Feb 2025
First Aid at Work Annual Refresher (VTQ)ProTrainingsFeb 2022Feb 2023
4th-degree black belt in Taekwondo UKIndependent Taekwondo Organisation20th Nov 2021Lifetime
National Dan Promotion Exam to 3rd-degree black beltPremierKi Taekwondo Promotion Test by British Taekwondo20th Nov 2021Lifetime
Level 2 Special Educational NeedsTQUKOct 2021Lifetime
Common CoreFit For SportJun 2021Lifetime
3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo UKIndependent Taekwondo Organisation23rd Mar 2021Lifetime
Child Protection in Sport – Time to Listen to Online WorkshopBritish Taekwondo LimitedFeb 2021Lifetime
IAO Level 2 Certificate In Principles of Business and AdministrationInnovate AwardingFeb 2021Lifetime
Safeguarding & Protecting Children (Online Classroom)UK CoachingDec 2020Lifetime
Class 3 Referee RefresherBritish TaekwondoDec 2020Lifetime
Diploma in Advanced FitnessFab AcademySep 2020Lifetime
Diploma in FitnessFab AcademySep 2020Lifetime
Level 1 Diploma in Professional CoachingThe SPEAKup ChallengeSep 2020Lifetime
Level 3 Certificate in Sports Management1Training.orgAug 2020Lifetime
Diploma in NutritionFab AcademyAug 2020Lifetime
Sports Nutrition Crash CourseUdemyAug 2020Lifetime
Taekwondo Europe Poomsae and Freestyle WorkshopWorld Taekwondo EuropeAug 2020Lifetime
Taekwondo Poomsae Intensive Online CourseUdemyAug 2020Lifetime
COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor CertificationOpenLearningJul 2020Lifetime
COVID-19 Awareness TrainingFuture Active WorkforceJul 2020Lifetime
Participation Certificate – WT Coach Certification Course [Level I]World Taekwondo EuropeJul 2020Lifetime
Safeguarding AdultsUK CoachingApr 2020Lifetime
Safeguarding in Sport – Level 2EduCare / British TaekwondoMar 2020Lifetime
Certificate of Participation as a National Poomsae JudgeBritish Taekwondo LimitedDec 2019Lifetime
Inspiring Positive Behaviour in SportUK CoachingOct 2019Lifetime
Level 3 Award in Safeguarding Vulnerable AdultsOplex CareersOct 2019Lifetime
Sports Psychology DiplomaElearncollege LtdOct 2019Lifetime
Nutrition Masterclass: Eat to gainFuture Fit Training LtdSep 2019Lifetime
Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity1st4sport LearningMay 2019Lifetime
Healthy Active Lifestyle ProgrammingFuture Fit Training LtdMay 2019Lifetime
Level 2 Certificate in Leading Health-Related Activity SessionsActive IQMay 2019Lifetime
Childhood Nutrition and Obesity PreventionFuture Fit Training LtdJan 2019Lifetime
How to Coach: Plan, Do, ReviewUK CoachingJan 2019Lifetime
Kukkiwon Certificate – 1st-degree black belt in TaekwondoKukkiwon14th Dec 2018Lifetime
Common Core (HALP)Fit For SportDec 2018Lifetime
Safeguarding Awareness (HALP)Fit For SportDec 2018Lifetime
Taekwondo Examination B-LicenseIndependent Taekwondo OrganisationMar 2021Dec 2023
2nd-degree black belt in Taekwondo UKIndependent Taekwondo Organisation23rd Mar 2021Dec 2023
Martial Arts First AidProTrainings Europe LtdOct 2019Oct 2022
National Dan Promotion Exam to 2nd-degree black beltPremierKi Taekwondo Promotion Test by British Taekwondo28th Sep 2019Lifetime
QA Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF)PRESTIGE SAFETY SERVICESJun 2019Jun 2021
Class 3 National Poomsae RefereeBritish Taekwondo LimitedMar 2019Sep 2022
Certified British Taekwondo InstructorBritish Taekwondo LimitedNov 2018Nov 2021
Safeguarding Children and Young People (NCC)NCC EducationOct 2018Lifetime
National Dan Promotion Exam to 1st-degree black beltPremierKi Taekwondo Promotion Test by British Taekwondo29th Sep 2018Lifetime

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